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The way we breathe, how much oxygen goes to the all the cells of our body, the quality of the air that reaches our lungs and our sleep is defined by the anatomy and health of our airway.
Dental and medical screenings are incredibly important.
Pediatric airway We meticulously screen and evaluate our young patients for pediatric sleep-related breathing disorder symptoms, like snoring mouth breathing, a tight lingual frenum, narrow arches, grinding and excessive tooth wear.
Early orthodontic treatment may have a beneficial effect on the teeth, but that is not its main goal. Our goal is to establish the best possible airway at the earliest possible age. Adult Airway Many symptoms could be connected to a narrow airway :
Mouth breathing
Snoring, poor sleep quality, excessive daytime sleepiness
Nasal congestion, sore throat upon awakening, 
Forward head posture
Clenching and grinding, TMJ, morning headaches
Gum inflammation
Difficulty concentrating
High blood pressure
Chest pain at night
At Rethink Dental Health we approach the treatment for Airway Disorders with a multidisciplinary approach

Please call our office for a conversation and evaluation of your airway 609.460.4574