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I passionately work to achieve FUNCTION, BEAUTY, BIOCOMPATIBILITY and HEALING through visionary treatment plans that support YOUR choice to live a cleaner, healthier and more natural life.



has been practicing dentistry for 17 years. A native of Romania she is a graduate of Carol Davila School of Dental Medicine in Bucharest and University of Pennsylvania Dental School in Philadelphia.

Dr. Balescu has extensive continuing education in general dentistry, nutrition and biological medicine, including training with Dr.Rau, from the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland.
Her focus and passion are bridging the gap between conventional dentistry and holistic health. Her practice offers gentle, caring, compassionate treatment and educational seminars for professionals and the general public.

Dr. Balescu and her team offer all general dentistry services, including preventive care and comprehensive exams; cosmetic, prosthetic, restorative, periodontal work as well as implants, orthodontics and oral surgery. enthusiast.traveler