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We welcome new patients
into our practice and
we are committed to making
your care
a pleasant, educational, and
refreshingly different

A Quick Note About Our Hours: 
Monday - Thursday from 8am to 5pm
Friday from 8am to 3pm

Please send us an email at
and Dr. Balescu will call you by the end of the day.

Your First Appointment

It is the time to meet you, listen, and learn about the purpose of your visit, your expectations, and your concerns.
We will meticulously review your medical and dental history and your current dental status. We will give you a detailed report and suggest a treatment that has the rest of your life in mind. 
We will educate you on and explain various options and their long term implications.
The ultimate goal is to achieve a stable, harmonious, and self-maintainable mouth. 

Download online forms:
- New patient Information form
- HIPAA form
- Financial arrangement form
- Sleep screening form