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The success of a root canal is a relative term in the context of the whole body health, we are still speaking of creating a dead entity.
But, strictly dentally speaking, a successful root canal means:
-filling all the canals, to the tip of the root
-lack of pain
-a fully restored and functioning tooth
-healing of the radiological abscess of the tooth
Establishing a correct diagnosis is essential. Favorable prognosis in RCT relies on the dentist’s scientific experience level, skills, and dental products.  
Understanding the disinfection process, the selection of the antimicrobial agents (irrigant solution, intracanal dressing, filling material, quality of coronary restoration) are essential. Ozone and calcium hydroxide are powerful tools.
A key factor for the success of a root canal is a perfect restoration of the tooth after the canals were disinfected and filled. Standard of care is a crown. 
 -overcome the complex canal morphology
 -neutralize the microbial pathogenicity regardless of the type and duration of infection
 -disrupt the bacterial biofilm
 -patient’s defense (immune response)
The integrity of a patient's nonspecific immune system, which is generally neglected in conventional dentistry, is a significant predictor for endodontic treatment outcome.
There are also other factors associated with the patient:
 -patient's age
 -oral health (periodontal disease)
 -systemic health (systemic diseases)
 -patient's collaboration
 -dental morphology
 -time, extension and type of the infectious process
 -type of restoration (composite resin, metallic restoration, presenceof a post, extensive dental rehabilitation)
-control and longevity of the RCT
So, it is complicated...but if you wonder if you should have that recommended root canal, stop for a second and ask some questions!