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Invisalign: Improve your smile and overall health!
Correcting misaligned teeth has an incredibly positive effect on oral health that reflects also on the general health in many ways.
It is an all-around positive procedure because it eliminates the cause of many other existing or potential issues.
From TMJ, gum disease, uneven wear of the teeth, grinding, bite issues, or a smile that lacks confidence, Invisalign is a great option.
It is hardly noticeable, comfortable, hygienic, and enables normal daily function, which is such a compliance stimulator.
Pre-restorative orthodontics
Part of a comprehensive, biofunctional approach to dentistry is an orthodontic correction before missing or broken teeth are replaced.
Correcting the alignment of the teeth, balancing the bite, and creating room for replacing missing teeth ensure long term functional and aesthetic success.
Pediatric airway orthodontics is not about the teeth.
Early orthodontic treatment may have a beneficial effect on the teeth but that is not its main goal. Our goal is to help the jaws grow fully and to allow airway spaces to open up to full size. We make sure the proper habits for posture (breathing and tongue placement) are in place for good health.

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