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As a mercury safe, ozone using, holistic practice we have always had supplemental, highly efficient protective measures for our patients, our staff, and the environment. The technology and protocols designed to capture ambient mercury are also designed to capture aerosols and spatter, immediately, as it exits the mouth.
Additionally, we conscientiously implemented OSHA and CDC guidelines, specifically designed against COVID-19.   

If you are in a high-risk category, you might continue to shelter at home for a bit longer. Let us know if you prefer to postpone an appointment. We’ll be here when you are ready for us!

Plan to wear a face mask in public areas of the facility. Please maintain social distancing at check-in and check-out.
If you prefer to avoid our reception area, you may call us from your cell phone when you arrive in our parking lot. 
Upon arrival we will ask you to answer a health questionnaire and will check your temperature.
In order to reduce potential for surface contamination, we have temporarily removed all books from the reception area (bring your own reading material) and all toys from the children’s area (playroom temporarily closed). 
Avoid touching all surfaces whenever possible.
When we seat you in the operatory, we will ask you to rinse for 60+ seconds with ozonated water. Ozone kills anaerobic pathogens like viruses that may be lingering in the oral environment. If you are able, gargle the liquid in your throat area.
We provide patient eye protection.
To avoid a crowd at the desk, we may ask if we may call you to schedule your next appointment by phone.

Welcome back! We missed you!