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At Rethink Dental Health we approach the treatment for TMJ pain and disorder with a multidisciplinary approach
Typical symptoms of TMJ changes and illness include:
-Joint discomfort
-Sore muscles
-Bruxism, clenching
-Poor bite
-Worn teeth
-Crooked teeth
-Limited opening
-Earache and pressure
-Neck and shoulders tension
TMJ Oral Appliances / Bite Guards: TMJ appliances that reposition the jaw to decrease clicking and the compresses the nerves in the area.
Sleep Appliances for TMJ: Breathing-related sleep disorders are often diagnosed in conjunction with TMJ disorders. Oral sleep appliances can be also prescribed in these cases.
Physical Therapy for TMJ: Manual physical therapy can be used in myofascial release, mobilization of the TMJs, and deep muscle therapy. Postural correction, Feldenkrais, the Alexander technique, cold laser, ultrasound, stim, heat and cold are also used. Some therapists also find craniosacral therapy to be helpful.