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Treatment or remediation?
Are they safe? Why the controversy?

Once a tooth dies or/and becomes infected and then has root canal treatment, it becomes a dead entity in your mouth. No other area of medicine would accept a similar situation (dead tissue) anywhere else in the body.
A root canal tooth is not only dead tissue, with no blood supply, but because of its porous structure, it cannot be perfectly disinfected. This means that it could continue to harbor bacteria, be a source of toxicity and a load on the immune system. 

Although, we know that root canal teeth are rarely successful longterm, if there is an indication for one, we perform root canals using OZONE, as the only biologically accepted way to disinfect the canals of the tooth. The gas is slowly insufflated into the tooth and it effectively penetrates the microporosity of the tooth and all the possible accessory canals.

At Rethink Dental Health we feel that, just like with any other area of oral concern, we have to look at the individual patient, dental and medical history when deciding whether to do an ozone root canal or recommend alternatives. READ MORE

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