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Changing homecare techniques, lifestyle habits and early prophylactic procedures are our paradigm.

Gum health is the foundation of oral health, but also a positive reflection on the overall health. During your visit, we are going to meticulously review factors that influence your periodontal status like homecare, occlusion(bite), teeth alignment, nutrition, stress, exercise, tobacco, and age. 
We use the newest generation of DIGITAL XRAY system, one that uses a very small amount of radiation. Regardless of the negligible exposure, before having any radiation read about our suggested protective protocol.
Photographs and measurement of the gum depths complete the information and help us strategize the best plan for your care.
During your visit, we will also provide an Oral Cancer Screening and Early Cavity detection using laser fluorescence technology.
The cleaning consists of removal of soft and hard deposits, polishing with fluoride free paste, ozonated water irrigations and alcohol-free mouth wash rinse.

Your next appointment is then booked based not on some predetermined schedule, but your actual needs